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Wildlife Photography | BPS Walia - Personal Portfolio Website

Wildlife Photography

If we can teach people about the wildlife, they will be touched. Mr. Walia’s photographs speak for them because the wildlife and their habitat cannot speak for themselves. His photos are compelling and show the most intimate moments of wild animals.  

As a wildlife photographer, BPS has mastered the art of patience because that is necessary for photographing wildlife, as the things in nature are unpredictable.

 In the field, he always keeps his distance and avoids directly approaching animals. Instead, he stays patient and predicts where an animal will probably move and positions himself where they may pass. He keeps his body language slow and small to allow them to relax in his presence.

To increase his creative options for photographing wildlife, he takes himself out of the equation. 

BPS’s pictures are more than eye candy, and each tells a story. The crisp, detailed eyes of his subjects stand out like floodlights. The eyes are windows to the soul, the saying goes, and BPS takes that statement to heart.

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