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Infrastructure Photography

Indrastucture photographer for technical and creative images. Located in New Delhi and working throughout World , BPS photographs are used for company reports, brochures, and advertising

Infrastucture Photography

It’s an illusion that photographs are made with the camera…They are made with the eye, heart, and head.

Mr. Walia’s projects are never “just another infrastructure.” Their public interest and importance are always meaningful and best defined, and recognized through accessible imagery.

His infrastructural photography can provide a unique visual identity for an otherwise inaccessible and invisible project.

His accessible photographs take engineering out of the realm of the technical abstract and make it visual and architectural, transforming a physical infrastructure into something that the public can imagine and understand.

Mr.Walia captures photographs in such a way that it exhibits the country’s growth, the progress of humankind, and many such things. For infrastructure that is otherwise never seen, BPS is the best choice to engage public interest, build understanding, and ultimately support an organization’s projects, plans, and services.

Infrastructure photography is very dull; it only needs an eye to make it enjoyable. Photography is the simplest thing in the World, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

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