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Industrial Photography

Industrial photographer for technical and creative images. Located in Delhi and working throughout the World, BPS photographs are used for company reports, brochures, and advertising

Industrial Photography

Mr.Walia has worked in extreme temperatures ranging from -32 to +50 degrees Celcius. He is so dedicated to the work that he has worked from snow-covered reasons with -30 degrees Celcius somewhere in Russia to the deserts in the middle east.

Industrial photography captures the technology, innovation, and hard work behind industrial processes of all sorts. Most people aren’t aware of what happens behind the scenes in the industries, and industrial photographs can show them in a unique and exciting light.

BPS has photographed many different industry types, from a nuclear power station to operating theatres to container ports.  He often travels to sites across the World for companies of all sizes to capture their industrial processes.

Photographing the industrial sector, he has documented many human-made marvels like offshore oil rigs, refineries, steel smelters, gas pipelines, boilers, power plants, and sugar mills through construction to operation.

Mr.Walia knows his job very well. He has a proper understanding of the subjects that are to be shot to have a clear idea of the machines’ functioning parts. He also shoots in remote areas, on the ground, and in aerial.

 Photography is not about cameras, gadgets, and gizmos. Photography is about photographers

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