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Monuments Photography | BPS Walia - Personal Portfolio Website

Monument Photography

Monuments are the grappling irons that bind one generation to another. Mr.Walia takes pictures in many circumstances, including in light and dark conditions. 

He considers coming to a landmark during the early morning hours as the sun rises to produce a dramatic shot or in the evening. He also takes a shot in different weather conditions if applicable.

BPS can produce the best shots of various landmarks and monuments. Seeing how detailed and specific many of these landmarks can be, he looks at what he’s doing when producing a unique look that adds a classic touch.

BPS produces an appealing layout by using a powerful flashlight effect on his landmark. This can especially be the case in landmark photos where he’s taking a shot of something that features straight lines all around.

The intense effect BPS produces when getting a shot off with various people around the monument can make for something more memorable and intriguing.


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