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Bhupinder Pal Singh Walia

Is one of India’s most established and awarded industrial photographers. Born in 1967, he began photography at the early age of 17 years in 1984. After spending over a decade photographing different sectors like fashion and lifestyle. He moved to industrial photography as his mainstay in 1996. In his free time, he likes to document subjects related to Sikhism, travel, wildlife, heritage, and culture.

His photography work has given Singh the opportunity to travel the world covering six continents and 41 countries. Photographing the industrial sector, he has documented many man-made marvels like offshore oil rigs, refineries, steel smelters, gas pipelines, boilers, power plants, and sugar mills through construction to operation. Singh has worked across the globe with the biggest multi-national companies and even fledging startups in his long career as a photographer and his commercial work has helped him add to his personal photo library covering some of his favorite subjects like Sikhism and Travel.

Singh’s work has been published in 17 books, whose subjects span from industrial plants and processes to Sikhism and even food and travel. He regularly contributes to trade and retail magazines while also being frequently published in over a dozen websites-  both in India and abroad

Getting himself exposed to different places around the world allowed BPS Walia (b 1967) to develop a keen eye that could pick up the essence of the composition and turn it into a timeless piece of art. He does not look through the camera towards an image, but to a creative design that lies in that image.

Having worked with prestigious magazines like TIME and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and on travel books with Britannica, Dorling Kindersley, and PeriPlus, BPS Walia has been able to add up to 60,000 travel images in his archives, which is now greatly sought-after by creative editors. However, in the last 15 years, his forte has been rather the most challenging task that a cameraman can do: Industrial Photography. It has taken him to 23 different countries, working with probably the most powerful industrial groups around the globe to take industrial pictures.

BPS Walia makes use of the best and the topmost technological advancement that has been made in the field of photography. He works with small to large format cameras according to the need, using tripods from 1feet to 24 feet with remote control head. Once he knows that he has to go to a remote area, he usually takes a long 50Ws to 1200Ws battery operated lights. And to be in touch with his clients on the site, he usually takes the help of his licensed walkie talkie.

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